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The 12 Best Luggage Storage Lockers and Apps


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What is in this blog? Table of contents:

Whether you’ve checked out of our hotel early and have time to kill, or you’re on a day trip with a full backpack, lugging belongings around on holiday can lead to frustration and exhaustion.

Luggage storage is the perfect solution to this.

Read on to understand luggage storage while discovering the best luggage storage options near you as of 2023.

What Is luggage storage?

Luggage storage is a service where you can stow your bags at a safe, convenient location so you don’t have to carry them all day.

These locations can range from dedicated luggage lockers to the backrooms of local shops.

So what are the benefits?

First, with luggage storage, you won’t have to exhaust yourself by dragging your bags all over the place.

Second, luggage storage is cheap.

Third, there’s a much lower chance of disaster befalling your luggage if you store it. By disaster I mean things such as theft, forgetfulness, spillages…

Finally, the vast majority of app-based luggage storage services offer insurance of some kind. Therefore, if disaster does strike while it’s in storage, you’ll be entitled to compensation.

Screeenshot from usebounce.com

How do luggage storage apps work?

Most of the luggage storage services we’re going to discuss today are accessed either through apps or the web. Either way, they’re all simple to use.

  • To start, choose your city. After selecting your city choose the location at which you wish to store your luggage. The choices available will likely be an array of shops, stations, etc.
  • Once you’ve selected your location, reserve your space. You’ll provide details, including dates, times, number of bags, and potentially the size of your bags. You’ll probably pay at this stage too.
  • Once your reservation is confirmed, just drop off your bag on the day. You may be expected to provide some sort of ID. Otherwise, a booking confirmation should be enough.
  • Now bask in your bagless day!

What can you store in a luggage locker?

You don’t just have to store suitcases and travel bags in luggage storage lockers. You can store pretty much anything you want in a luggage locker, provided it's not illegal.

However, keep in mind that while luggage storage is safe, it’s not infallible. You may be better off keeping irreplaceable valuables and important documents on your person.

How do I protect my suitcase before it reaches the luggage locker?

While it’s one thing to store luggage in safe suitcase lockers, it’s a whole other beast keeping your suitcase safe while out and about.

If you want your suitcase to make it to the luggage storage facility in one piece, there are things you can do to ensure its safety. For starters, consider buying a luggage protector or wrapping it in plastic. You can read more on luggage protection here.

two silver hardcase travel bags side by side

Our top luggage storage and locker services

Let’s take a look at the top travel luggage storage options available today. Please note, that pre-booking online is either highly recommended or mandatory for all of these services.

10. Lalalocker

Founded in Taiwan, Lalalocker has expanded to cities in Asia and Europe.

With this said, the majority of their available locations are spread throughout Taiwan and Japan’s Tokyo and Osaka. It’s here in Taiwan and Japan where Lalalocker really shines offering the most comprehensive luggage storage service for these two countries.

For large luggage, prices range from $4-$6.5 per bag depending on your country. Lalalocker also offers storage for smaller luggage for about half the price of big pieces.

Lalalocker only provides insurance worth approximately $315.

9. MindMyBag

Initially based in Australia and New Zealand, MindMyBag has since expanded to locations in Europe and North America.

However, most of their locations are still in Australia and New Zealand, where you’ll be spoilt for choice.

MindMyBag accepts luggage of all shapes and sizes. Insurance-wise, expect a 1,000 AUD guarantee.

8. BagsAway

For long-term cheap luggage storage options, BagsAway offers up to 60% off longer-term bookings. They also have no size restrictions so you can save even more by cramming everything into one huge bag!

Outside of long-term bookings, BagsAway charges $5.95 a day or $1.5 an hour if you’re in the US or Canada - where you’ll find the majority of their locations. Prices vary in other countries where they have a presence such as the UK or Mexico.

They offer a $1,200 security guarantee alongside 24/7 customer support.

6. Vertoe

The abundance of luggage drop-off points available in New York makes Vertoe a frontrunner for anyone wanting luggage storage in NYC. Aside from their NYC locations, you can store your luggage in over 65 other cities around the world.

Although the majority of these are US cities, you’ll find drop-off points in Canada, Europe, and Asia too.

Prices start at $5.95 a day but expect to pay double or have your bag refused if it weighs more than 35kg.

Safety is no concern with Vertoe, they affix tamper-proof seals to your luggage and cover them with an insurance guarantee worth up to $5,000.

5. Nannybag

Tagging your luggage with a biodegradable safety seal, and offering up to €1,000 in insurance, Nannybag takes luggage safety seriously.

Baggage storage costs €6 a day and you can store your possessions for up to one month.

Nannybag has storage points in over 30 countries, mostly in Europe, but it also has outposts in Asia and North America.

4. Stasher

Covering more than 870 cities in over 80 countries, Stasher is a great tool for globetrotters.

They offer 24/7 customer service, and £1,000 insurance is included. Prices start from around $6.85 per bag per day and there are no weight restrictions.

Stasher recently absorbed Airkeep - one of Latin America’s best-known luggage storage brands. This has considerably expanded their reach across South America. South American storage prices are just $5.99 a day.

3. Radical Storage

One of the best luggage storage options today. For starters, they’re available in over 500 cities all over the world with 7,000+ drop-off locations.

Adding to these heavyweight credentials is their 0.00% lost luggage rate, free delivery and pick-up service.

They charge just €5 a day - that’s a flat rate with no weight or size restrictions.

Expect up to a €3,000 security guarantee.

2. LuggageHero

Variable prices that change depending on the luggage drop-off location mean you can track down the cheapest option at LuggageHero. Although, generally prices start from €0.95 an hour or €5 a day.

LuggageHero is available in 150+ cities worldwide. Also, it insures your baggage up to the amount of €2,500.

Their search function lets you filter your options, so you can find storage locations open 24/7, or that allow muli-day storage. The search functionality helps make LuggageHero one of the best luggage storage apps available.

1. Bounce

Bounce is a juggernaut in the realm of luggage storage. Their numbers alone speak volumes, available in over 2,000 destinations with an excess of 10,000 storage points.

In addition to this, they offer a whopping $10,000 worth of coverage for your luggage.

You’ll pay around $5.90 per bag per day, there are no size restrictions on the bags you bring.

(potentially) Free alternatives?

To round up our list I’ve put together a couple of luggage storage options that can work out as free luggage storage.

At your accommodation?

To find free luggage storage, checking with my accommodation is always my first port of call.

Most accommodations, be it an Airbnb, hotel or hostel, will allow you to store your luggage there for free even after checking out.

Of course, there are cases where you will have to pay. But from my own anecdotal (yet extensive) experience, these are exceptions to the rule.

Transit hubs or stations?

If you’re in a city where none of the apps listed have any storage options, heading toward the main bus or train station is a good idea. It’s almost guaranteed there’ll be some kind of luggage storage nearby.

You will have to pay for this service. But, it should be pretty cheap.

If you want free luggage storage, I’ve found that ticket offices for different bus companies will sometimes agree to store your luggage at no extra cost if you’ve bought a ticket with them.

Final thoughts

Luggage storage is a safe and convenient way to look after your bags.

There is little separating the majority of these services when it comes to price and process. The main differences, and what you’ll want to focus on are the available locations and insurance guarantees.

If you’re unable to stow your bags anywhere for free. Hopefully, you now have some idea of how easy and cheap it is to store your bags with a luggage storage service.

Frequently asked questions

Is it safe to store my luggage?

Yes. Using storage lockers and storage apps is safe. Especially when the majority of suitcase storage providers offer insurance. However, on the flip side of the coin there is always the risks to consider. So, when choosing luggage storage please consider the location, the insurance offered, the state of the lockers and use a reputable provider.

Do I pay more if I need to store bigger bags?

This depends on the provider you choose. The majority of providers offer a flat rate on all luggage regardless of the bag size, some have a flat rate providing your luggage bag fits in the locker. Other provider charge a fee based on the size of your bag. It is worth nothing that some provider will charge extra or refuse to store your luggage if it ways more than a certain weight.

How much does it cost to store my luggage?

The cost of storing your luggage depends on multiple factors, including the location, the provider, the amount of luggage, the duration and some providers alter prices based on the time of season. Increasing prices in the peak season. From the 12 luggage storage options we reviewed above you can store luggage from as little as $4 per day.

What do I need to store my luggage?

Most luggage storage options now use smartphone apps, so therefore you will require a smartphone in most cases. For all storage lockers you will require a booking confirmation. Some luggage locker options increase security and will require photo ID when storing your suitcase with them.

Is my luggage insured when it is stored?

If you use the above listed locker storage apps/options you will be insured on the bags you store. If you are looking to use an alternate luggage storage option you must research their service. You will commonly find this information on their website.

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