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Top 11 Skyscanner Alternatives


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What is in this blog? Table of contents:

Unfortunately, not all flight comparison websites are created equal! While Skyscanner may be the household name, speaking from experience, it is by no means the best option out there! The internet is packed full of similar sites to Skyscanner, you’ve just got to find them. To help, we have listed below the top 11 Skyscanner alternatives.

Fortunately, we’re here to give you an honest (yes honest, no bias here) rundown of the 11 best websites like Skyscanner.

Just to set the scene, if you were wondering, ‘is Skyscanner the cheapest?’, we asked ourselves the very same question, and we set about finding you the answer!

As an example, at the time of writing this article, we searched for flights from London to New York, and back again, on the 1st of March 2024 with the return on the 8th of March 2024… Approximately 3 months in advance.

Skyscanner, the nation’s favourite, came in at a whopping £426!
Google Flights, another household name, came in at a slightly more modest £412.
But Moonsand (yes, that’s us), we came in at a much more affordable £362!

Believe it or not, all three flights are direct flights, no layovers. Direct from London Gatwick to JFK International.

So, if you were wondering ‘is Skyscanner the cheapest?’, when it comes to travel and booking cheap flights, the undeniable truth is that it is not.

Now that we’ve proofed the pudding so to speak, let’s get into our top 11 alternatives to Skyscanner.

An unbiased review of the 11 best Skyscanner alternatives

Just to prove to you that we are indeed going to be entirely unbiased while writing this, we’ll start of by saying that we don’t think we’re the best alternative to Skyscanner (not yet anyway).

But, as a relative newcomer, we think we run the majority of the competition pretty close!

Best overall Skyscanner alternative: Kayak
Best Skyscanner alternative for cheap flights:
Best alternative to Skyscanner for accomodation:
The best site similar to Skyscanner for price alerts:
Google Flights

Best SkyScanner alternatives Google Flights
Google Flights / 2023

1. Google Flights

When you use Google Flights to find plane tickets, you can get the some of the best fares for where and when you want to travel. Use Google flights to:

  • Find and book round-trip, one-way and multi-city tickets.
  • Use an interactive calendar and price graph to find the best fares.
  • Filter your flight search by cabin class, airline and number of stops.

Google Flights allows you to book flights from more than 300 airline and online travel agency partners, making them an excellent alternative to Skyscanner.

Best SkyScanner alternatives Kayak
Kayak / 2023


KAYAK was the original trailblazer when it came to utilising metasearch for travel. Until they did it in 2004, no one (that we know of) had done what is now commonplace within the industry.

Today, they claim to process billions of search queries each year, enabling countless travellers around the world make well informed decisions. Aside from flights, they also help users find hotels, hostels, holiday packages, and hire cars.

KAYAK is now a relative big boy on the block, with an umbrella of smaller travel companies beneath them, when it comes to Skyscanner alternatives, it’s hard to look past KAYAK.

Best SkyScanner alternatives Moonsand
Moonsand / 2023

3. Moonsand

Moonsand is a metasearch platform (and an excellent alternative to Skyscanner if we do say so ourselves!) designed by a travel and web enthusiast, for fellow travel enthusiasts. For each search query, we use hundreds of vetted and trusted providers to keep you safe while we compare all the travel sites to find you the best deals!

We’re in this for the love of travel! That’s why if you can find your trip cheaper elsewhere, you just have to let us know!

And, as we proved above, we’re consistently finding cheaper flights than our competition! You can head to our flights page to compare your next flight.

We also give you an estimate of how much extra checked baggage will cost a feature very few flight comparison websites offer. As we’ve already mentioned, we’re here for our love of travel, and no one loves travelling and being hit with unexpected baggage costs!

Best SkyScanner alternatives Momondo
Momondo / 2023

4. Momondo

Momondo is another of the similar sites to Skyscanner that we thought would be worth a mention. They are part of the KAYAK travel group, and again, they search and compare billions of prices on plane tickets in real time so you can easily find some great options.

We find that they excel at finding great deals to some of the lesser known, but no less fantastic, travel destinations!

Best SkyScanner alternatives Cheap Flights
Cheap Flights / 2023

5. Cheapflights

Another metasearch engine, and another subsidiary of the KAYAK group, Cheapflights are another good option when it comes to scouring the web for Skyscanner alternatives.

Their aim is to help find the cheapest flights available, and to be fair to them, they’ve been in the business since October 1996, so they should know a thing or two with over 21 years of experience behind them!

Best SkyScanner alternatives Expedia
Expedia / 2023

6. Expedia

Expedia are one of the biggest names in the travel business, but when it comes to being an alternative to Skyscanner they just do not quite stack up against the rest.

While it is true that they were one of the founders of travel fare aggregation, and that they do remain a leading travel deal website, their service offering is somewhat diluted.

In our opinion, this reduces their value, unless you either combine everything together in a sort of money saving package or become a member to access further discounts.

In the search for cheaper alternatives to Skyscanner, another plus for Expedia is the fact that membership is free and allows you to save 10% on hotels at your favourite destinations.

Best SkyScanner alternatives Compare Flights
Compare Flights / 2023

7. Compare Flights

Now, much like the similar sites to Skyscanner that we have listed so far in this article, Compare Flights claim to be one of the leading booking websites for air fares, ensuring that the user gets the best price possible.

But we’ve included them in our list as we found that their app was very user friendly and intuitive. And its free to download, meaning if you have an iOS device, you can get cheap flights at your fingertips.

However, you should note it is not available on Android as far as we know.

Best SkyScanner alternatives Travelocity
Travelocity / 2023

8. Travelocity

Much like the KAYAK group, Travelocity is part of the Expedia travel group. They feature a broad range of flight options, and couple this with hotels, holiday packages, car rentals and even activities.

This essentially allows the end user to save extra money by using Travelocity as an all in one holiday package booking tool, pretty convenient if you ask us!

The platform also provides tools to help you find the best deals. In addition to this, they offer a loyalty programme, ‘Travelocity Rewards’, which allows you to earn points as you book, which can be redeemed later for future discounts.

Best SkyScanner alternatives Kiwi
Kiwi / 2023

9. Kiwi.com

The reason we’ve included Kiwi.com is that, in addition to a clean, user friendly layout, prompt alerts and daily deals, they link directly with booking.com.

This essentially means that you can book your accommodation at the same time you book your flights. Quite literally putting the world at your fingertips!

Kiwi.com also offer a guarantee, which covers you in the event of flight delays or schedule changes, for complete peace of mind!

Best SkyScanner alternatives Hopper
Hopper / 2023

10. Hopper

We’ve put Hopper towards the bottom of our list, as while there are undoubtedly some bargains to be found, the destinations available are somewhat limited. As an alternative to Skyscanner operating mainly in the USA, Hopper are a great choice, but if you are looking for global travel options then Hopper may just fall short.

The standout feature on Hopper is that they have their very own, in-house machine learning algorithms. Yep, a form of AI dedicated to predicting the future of flight prices, with a freaky accuracy percentage estimated at around 95%!

A very similar site to Skyscanner, albeit with a dash of Gen-Z thrown in for good measure!

Best SkyScanner alternatives Alternative Airlines
Alternative Airlines / 2023

11. Alternative Airlines

Alternative Airlines is one of the newer flight comparison sites on the block. Alternative Airlines offer a website like Skyscanner with access to over 600 airlines. Whilst they offer all the major carriers, this alternative to Skyscanner offers access to some smaller regional carriers flying to the more remote locations, well that explains their name!

Alternative Airlines offer over 40+ payment methods, including the ability to buy now pay later, meaning you can buy now and pay later on flights to destinations all around the world.

If you are looking for a flight comparison tool for cheap flights with an easy flight search engine and a high quality customer service then Alternative Airlines would most certainly be a great SkyScanner alternative for you.

What is Skyscanner?

Skyscanner is a meta-source engine and travel comparison website. It was set up in Edinburgh and it is intended to search the Internet for cheap flights across a number of airlines and providers. Based on your objectives, an aggregator is able to suggest a variety of flights options and offer exceptional fares for members.

Is Skyscanner the cheapest?

With their relative domination of the marketplace, if someone asked you (before reading this article), ‘is Skyscanner the cheapest?’, you could be forgiven for just saying yes.

Afterall, all flight comparison websites essential use the same airlines and travel companies to display your options for you. But the price disparity between sites is often quite stark!

However, with this being said, the cheapest sites are not always the best sites. You should look for other features, such as usability, when looking for the best flight comparison site to use.

Is there a better site than Skyscanner?

Now that we’ve covered all the options, and answered the ‘is Skyscanner the cheapest?’ question that seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue, it’s time to get into the nitty gritty and answer the question that really matters… ‘is there a better site than Skyscanner?’

Ultimately, that is for you to decide, but we think that the options we have presented in this article, including the real-life price comparison we made at the start, proves that there are better sites than Skyscanner.

Before we go, we’re going to put on our biased hat for the first time in this article! If you asked us, ‘is there a better site than Skyscanner?’, the answer would be ‘yes of course, and the one you should check out is Moonsand!’

Food for thought at least! So, when you’re looking to book your next flight, at least compare prices by using our flight comparison tool! And remember, if you can find the same flight for cheaper, just let us know!

Skyscanner alternatives FAQs:

Which is the best flight comparison website?

We think that the best flight comparison website (currently), is Google Flights. But we’re not going to tell you why here! If you want that answer, you’ll have to read our blog on the top 10 flight comparison websites here.

Is booking on Skyscanner safe?

While Skyscanner itself is both safe and reliable, some of the third party websites it takes you to may be less so.

What site is the cheapest for airline tickets?

If you are looking for cheap flight sites like Skyscanner, you will find plenty online! But, excluding flash deals, you will typically find that booking directly on the flight providers website will source you one of the best deals.

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Moonsand compares hundreds of flight and hotel booking platforms and displays all your search results in one place.
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