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Flight Comparison Websites: Expedia vs Skyscanner vs Moonsand


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What is in this blog? Table of contents:

Selecting a flight comparison website can feel overwhelming or, for some, incredibly straightforward. Given the multitude of choices now accessible online, it's understandable if you prefer sticking with the familiar option you've trusted for your flight bookings over the last decade or so.

But then, if you were to begin to explore beyond your usual choice, the question arises: where to begin? There's an abundance of alternatives and knowing exactly where to start can be a real headache.

In this article, we’re going to explain why choosing the right travel booking platform needs to be about more than just convenience, it should be about maximising value, ensuring flexibility and crucially, giving you the best experience possible, both in booking, and during your travel.

We’ll be focusing on Expedia, Skyscanner, and ourselves (Moonsand), dissecting features, benefits, and more, with the goal of enabling you to make an informed choice.

What are Expedia, Skyscanner and Moonsand?

Cheapest Flight Search Engine: Expedia
Expedia Brand Logo 2024

Expedia – a titan within the travel industry, offering a huge selection of travel booking options that cater to nearly every need of trip planning. Founded in 1996 as a division of Microsoft, Expedia quickly evolved into a standalone company and has since become synonymous with travel booking.

Its services span from flights and hotel reservations to car rentals and cruise bookings, making it a comprehensive option for travellers. Expedia's position as an industry leader is enhanced by its user-friendly website and app, competitive pricing, and a rewards program that adds value for frequent travellers.

The platform's history of innovation and customer service has cemented its status as a go-to choice for individuals looking to explore the globe.

Cheapest Flight Search Engine: Skyscanner
Skyscanner Brand Logo 2024

Skyscanner - founded in 2003, Skyscanner, now a household name, has quickly become global leader in travel search technology.

Perhaps best known for its flight comparison feature, Skyscanner allows users to find the cheapest flights by comparing prices across millions of options, including airlines and travel agents.

But it's not just about flights; Skyscanner also offers hotel and car rental search capabilities, making it a versatile tool for planning various aspects of travel.

Its unique selling points include a user-friendly interface, innovative search features like “Everywhere” search (which suggests destinations based on budget), and a commitment to no added fees, ensuring travellers get transparent pricing. Skyscanner's global reach and dedication to simplifying travel planning have made it a favourite among budget-conscious and flexible travellers alike.

Cheapest Flight Search Engine: Moonsand
Moonsand Brand Logo 2024

Moonsand – although we’re a relative newcomer, we feel we’ve brought fresh perspectives and innovative solutions to the challenges travellers face when planning trips.

We’re all about finding you’re the best possible price for your next trip. As a metasearch platform designed by a travel and web design enthusiast, for fellow travellers, you can rest assured that we’re putting you at the forefront of our thinking.

All you need to do is input some basic information about your trip, and we do the rest. Our robots (AI) get to work sourcing the best value deal possible from our trusted providers, so you can sit peacefully knowing we are going to be saving you time and money.

Moonsand v Expedia v Skyscanner – Key Features Comparison

Search and Booking Capabilities

When it comes to search and booking capabilities, Expedia, Skyscanner, and Moonsand each offer advantages which have been tailored to different traveller needs.

Expedia, with its all-encompassing search functionality, allows users to book flights, hotels, car rentals, and even cruises through its platform.

Its features robust filtering options, to allow travellers to refine their options based on price, location, amenities, and more. The booking process is streamlined, with clear steps and the convenience of managing all parts of a trip in one place.

Skyscanner excels in flight search and comparison. As a flight aggregator, data from a vast array of airlines and travel agencies is collated and compared, presenting users with a comprehensive view of their options.

Featuring flexible search features, such as the ability to search for the cheapest flights to any destination from a given departure city, it can be an invaluable for those with flexible travel plans. However, as Skyscanner facilitates booking by redirecting users to external providers, the experience can vary depending on the external site.

Moonsand, though newer to the scene, introduces innovative search capabilities focused on personalised travel experience. We use AI to scour the web and source travel options based on your location, dates and number of travellers.

Price Comparison and Deals

When it comes to the issue of price comparison and deals, each platform has its strategies to ensure users find value.

Expedia offers competitive pricing with a feature for hotel price matching, ensuring users get the best deals available.

They also have an excellent loyalty program for its members, which features exclusive deals and discounts, frequently leading to significant savings on overall travel packages.

Skyscanner's strength lies in its ability to provide a comprehensive overview of flight prices across different airlines and booking sites, making it easier for users to find the lowest prices.

They do not offer direct booking, but instead will direct users to the site that offers the cheapest deal where applicable via its comparison tool. Skyscanner also features an alert system, an excellent feature for budget conscious travellers, which notifies users of price drops.

Our approach to pricing and deals is similar to that of Skyscanner’s, focussing more on bringing you value through sourcing you the lowest price and best deal.

We not only offer competitive pricing but places a stronger emphasis on ensuring that the deals align with user preferences and sustainable travel practices. Afterall, as travel enthusiasts ourselves, we know how much travel likely means to you.

Who’s the cheapest?

As the table below proves, it isn’t all equal when it comes to sourcing you the best deal. For this example, we looked as flights from London to Bangkok, flying out on August 1st 2024 and returning on August 15th 2024.

Flight Comparison Site Cheapest Flight Airline / 
Route Date / Time / Duration Date / Time / Duration
Expedia £1,411 Thai Airways 
(LON - BKK) 1st Aug
12:30 – 06:00 11h 30m (Direct) 15th Aug
00:55 – 07:15 12h 20m (Direct)
Skyscanner £1,159 EVA AIR (LHR - BKK) 1st Aug
21:35 – 15:30 (+1) 11h 55m (Direct) 15th Aug
12:50 – 19:25 12h 35m (Direct)
Moonsand £994 EVA AIR (LHR - BKK) 1st Aug
21:35 – 15:30 (+1) 11h 55m (Direct) 15th Aug
12:50 – 19:25 12h 35m (Direct)

Interestingly, for our selected flight dates, via any route permitted, direct only, ourselves and Skyscanner both featured return flights from EVA AIR as the cheapest and best option. We actually came in £165 cheaper than Skyscanner.

Expedia did not feature the option from EVA AIR, instead only featuring a Thai Airways flight which came in at a whopping £1,411! We actually checked, and the exact same flights on Skyscanner came in at £1,159, that’s quite a saving.

But, for that exact same Thai Airways flight, we came in even cheaper than Skyscanner, at £994! That additional saving might not seem like much, but it is further proof that we’re upsetting the big boys when it comes to flight comparison and cheap flights!

Additional Services and Perks

Beyond flights and accommodations, the additional services and perks offered by a flight comparison platform can significantly enhance the travel experience.

Expedia is notable for its comprehensive range of services, including travel insurance, car rentals, and a plethora of activity bookings. Its loyalty program, Expedia Rewards, allows users to earn points on every booking, which can be redeemed for future travel discounts, offering tangible benefits for frequent users.

Skyscanner, primarily a comparison tool, focuses less on additional services directly but excels in guiding users to the best external deals for car rentals and accommodations. While it does not offer a loyalty program, the value it provides in flight search and comparison is unparalleled.

But at Moonsand, we go above and beyond by offering the best possible price to our users as we’ve just proven above. We can not only compete with, but beat the biggest names in the industry when it comes to sourcing cheap flights! And additionally, if you do happen to find a cheaper deal elsewhere, just let us know, and we’ll do our best to match it!

You can contact us here.

User Experience and Accessibility

Website and Mobile App Usability:

  • Expedia offers a cohesive and intuitive user interface across both its website and mobile app, we found that both have been designed with the user’s journey in mind. Navigating through the site is straightforward, making it easy for users to search, filter, and book their travel arrangements seamlessly.
  • Skyscanner's platform, known for its simple and clean design coupled with ease of use, prioritises speed and simplicity, particularly in flight searches. Its mobile app is highly rated for its functionality and the ability to track flight prices effectively.
  • Moonsand, while newer and thus less familiar to users, has a website that is equally straightforward and easy to use as both of the big bis mentioned above. However, as yet, Moonsand does not have a mobile app, but, the website works fantastically well on mobile devices.

Customer Support and Resources:

  • Expedia provides comprehensive customer support with 24/7 access via phone, email, and chat. They also offers a vast array of travel literature, guides and resources, meaning travellers seeking support and information are never left wanting.
  • Skyscanner, primarily a comparison tool, directs users to deal with airlines or travel agencies for support, which can vary in quality. However, it compensates with extensive FAQs and online resources.
  • Moonsand offer customer via our contact us page, where you can send us an email with any queries. We also have an extensive FAQ page which answers a number of common travel queries.

Flight Comparison Websites: Moonsand v Expedia v Skyscanner Pros & Cons


Moonsand Expedia Skyscanner
Modern, user friendly interface Comprehensive travel booking options Excellent for flight comparisons and finding low prices
No booking fees User-friendly interface and navigation Clean, easy-to-use interface
Excellent for flight comparison and finding low prices Valuable loyalty program with rewards No booking fees
Designed by travellers, for travellers


Moonsand Expedia Skyscanner
Direct booking is handled by third parties, which can lead to inconsistencies in customer service Prices can be higher than compared to direct bookings Direct booking is handled by third parties, which can lead to inconsistencies in customer service
Limited additional services compared to full-service platforms like Expedia Some users report customer service issues, especially during high-demand periods Limited additional services compared to full-service platforms like Expedia
No mobile app just yet

Final Recommendations & Tips

Choosing the flight comparison platform depends on your specific needs and preferences.

For comprehensive travel planning and an all-in-one solution, including hotels, hostels, flights, car rentals, and more, Expedia offers a robust and user-friendly solution with the added benefit of a loyalty program.

If finding the cheapest flights is your priority and you value simplicity in design, Skyscanner and Moonsand are excellent options. Skyscanner with its flight tracking and alert system can help budget-conscious travellers save significantly. Similarly, Moonsand offers the ability to get your own Moonsand holiday discounts straight to your inbox, for free by signing up to our newsletter.

And, if price is your go to feature, we’ve proven we’re as competitive as possible in the flight comparison market!

Our top tips!

  • Utilise alerts and tracking features on platforms like Skyscanner to monitor price changes.
  • Consider the total value of booking packages on Expedia, especially if you’re a loyalty program member.
  • Sign up to the Moonsand newsletter for unique discounts and offers.

Ultimately, the best platform is one that aligns with your travel goals, whether that's saving money or finding the best package deals, the final decision is up to you!

Looking to compare and find the best flight prices?

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Moonsand compares hundreds of flight and hotel booking platforms and displays all your search results in one place.
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Get your own Moonsand holiday discounts straight to your inbox, for free.

Get your own Moonsand holiday discounts straight to your inbox, for free.

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