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Cheap Flight Search Engines: 9 Momondo Alternatives


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In the hustle and bustle of the travel sphere, when looking for cheap flight search engines, Momondo, a flight aggregator, or metasearch engine, has long been one of the leading websites.

Momondo has long been a favourite among savvy travellers for its comprehensive search capabilities and user-friendly interface…

But, when finding the best deal can be like finding a needle in a haystack, it pays, literally, to have some alternatives up your sleeve.

So, whether looking for cheaper flights, better deals, different routes, or just to compare prices to ensure you’re getting the best deal, exploring other flight search engines is a sure-fire way to lead to savings and better travel experiences.

Without further ado, here are our top 9 Momondo alternatives.

Overview of the top 9 Momondo flight search engine alternatives:

1. Moonsand (Aggregator)
2. Skyscanner (Aggregator)
3. Google Flights (Aggregator)
4. Expedia (OTA)
5. Booking.com (OTA)
6. CheapOAir (OTA)
7. Travelocity (OTA)
8. Hopper (OTA & Aggregator)
9. Kiwi (OTA)

Momondo Alternative: Moonsand
Source: Moonsand 2024

Best website to find cheap flights: 1: Moonsand

Moonsand (that’s us!) is a metasearch platform (another way to say flight aggregator) for travel enthusiasts, by travel enthusiasts!

With us, choosing the right flight (at the best price) is easy! You just input your criteria, click search, sit back, and choose your deal! Moonsand also offer insight into the cost of luggage on your flights to avoid any unnecessary additional costs later down the line.

It really is that easy! Interested in finding out more? Find out how we work here.

Momondo Alternative: Skyscanner
Source: Skyscanner 2024

Most popular flight comparison tool: 2. Skyscanner

A real heavyweight in the world of flight comparison websites, Skyscanner, as one of the leading flight aggregators and a go-to option for travellers all around the world.

It features a range of flight options, the ability to compare prices on different days and months, and has an excellent “Everywhere” feature, allowing you to find the cheapest deal to anywhere if you’re feeling adventurous!

Momondo Alternative: Google Flights
Source: Google Flights 2024

Best website for flight price tracking: 3. Google Flights

Another flight aggregator, and another leviathan in the world of finding cheap flights, Google Flights leverages Googles MASSIVE data processing capabilities in order to give the user quick results and a large selection of options.

One of the most compelling features of Google Flights is its price trend analysis, which can predict whether prices are likely to increase or decrease, helping you make more informed booking decisions.

Momondo Alternative: Expedia
Source: Expedia 2024

Best website for travel rewards: 4. Expedia

Expedia, having seemingly been around forever (since the 90’s), are one of the industry’s leading online travel agents. In order to source the best possible deals for their customers, they too use a metasearch platform to put the best prices possible in front of their customers.

They have an excellent loyalty program, ensuring their regular users get even more bang for their proverbial buck!

Momondo Alternative: Booking.com

Best website for booking flights and hotels combined: 5. Booking.com

Booking.com, also know as Booking Holdings PLC is the parent company (owner) of Momondo travel. Booking Holdings also includes other services such as KAYAK, Priceline, OpenTable & Agoda within their group.

Another OTA and also the owner of Monondo who cleverly use an aggregator to find the best cheap flights for their users, Booking.com are an all-in-one tool for booking your next destination.

They offer flights, hotels (or flight and hotel packages), hostels, car rentals, attraction information and even airport taxis! While they tend to work with certain airlines, they do offer flexible plane tickets for an additional cost on selected airfares.

Momondo Alternative: CheapOAir
Source: CheapOAir 2024

Best flight search engine for deals and discounts: 6. CheapOair

Since 2005, CheapOair has been on the radar of budget-savvy travellers, enabling them to explore the globe at a discount.

They are a flight aggregator, committed to providing its users with savings on airfares. You have the option of booking on the website, or on their app, and they feature an array of savings, discounts and coupons to ensure they offer the best deal!

Momondo Alternative: Travelocity
Source: Travelocity 2024

Best flight comparison website with a price match guarantee: 7. Travelocity

Travelocity are a flight booking engine that fall under the umbrella of the Expedia Travel Group, so, it is no surprise that they also feature an array of flight options, coupled with hotel stays, holiday packages and car rentals.

Using Travelocity as an all-in-one booking platform enables the user to save on additional costs by grouping spending together, pretty convenient ey?

And, much like Expedia, they also feature a rewards program!

Momondo Alternative: Hopper
Source: Hopper 2024

Best flight comparison mobile app: 8. Hopper

Hopper are an accredited travel agency, highly popular in North America, and they have the benefit of being both an OTA and an aggregator. This means that they offer the best of both worlds! But more on that below!

Did you know that the Hopper app is the #1 most downloaded travel app in North America? Well you do now!

They partner with airlines, hotels, homes, and car rental providers across the globe so you can feel confident you’re booking the perfect vacation at the best price.

Momondo Alternative: Kiwi.com
Source: Kiwi 2024

Best Momondo alternative with 24/7 customer support: 9. Kiwi.com

Kiwi.com are a flight booking engine with an aggregator that link directly with Booking.com. Meaning you get all the benefits of finding the cheapest possible price for your flight to your chosen destination, with the added benefit of being able to manage all your holiday booking needs in one place!

And, for those looking for a little extra peace of mind, they also offer a guarantee, covering you in the event of schedule changes or should your flight become delayed.

In our quest for the best Momondo alternatives, we feel like we’ve mentioned flight aggregators and booking engines quite a bit… But do you know what the difference is?

Let us explain!

Aggregators vs Booking Engines: What’s the Difference?

To the untrained eye, a flight aggregator and a flight booking engine may not seem that different. On the face of it, which ever site you use, it will probably have an intuitive, user friendly interface, and they will almost certainly endeavour to find you the cheapest flight possible for your journey.

But, there they do in fact serve (slightly) different purposes, and operate differently.

Cheap Flights via Flight Aggregators

Flight aggregators, otherwise referred to as metasearch engines, are purpose built to collect data and information from as many sources as possible. This is known as aggregating.

The information is collected directly from airlines, from OTAs (online travel agencies) and other sources, with the end goal of providing users with a detailed, comprehensive view of all flight options (and prices).

When you search for cheap flights using an aggregator, the site will scan a multitude of different sources. The results are then clearly displayed with the user given a broad range of schedules, prices and flight options.

However, typically you will not be able to book directly on the aggregator site. Instead, the user will be directed either to an OTAs website, or straight to the airline’s website, where the user can then make the booking.

Examples of aggregators include some of the most well known names in the business, including Skyscanner, Google Flights, Momondo and Moonsand. Each of these sites allows the user to potentially save both time and money when comparing cheap flights by showing an array of flight options in one place.

Cheap Flights via Booking Engines

Unlike flight aggregators, booking engines allow the user to book tickets directly on their platform. They are typically operated by airlines themselves, or online travel agents, and essentially serve as the final point of sale for flight tickets. Often, you will find that flight aggregators direct the user to a booking engine.

When a user searches on a booking engine, results from the booking engines own inventory are displayed, potentially meaning that the user misses out on a better deal somewhere else. However, some users prefer the security provided by booking engines as the booking and payment are completed on the same site.

Aside from this, the main advantage of using a booking engine is that you are able to manage your booking directly on the site, this includes seat selection, changing the dates or details of your flight, and adding luggage. They also may allow points to be collected or redeemed.

If you have ever booked a cheap flight on Expedia or Booking.com, or booked directly with an airline such as Qatar Airways, then you have used a booking engine in the past.

Aggregators vs Booking Engines: Key Differences

If you are searching for cheap flights, you will find that there are several key differences between using an aggregator and a booking engine.

  • Direct booking - Booking engines allow direct booking and payment, while aggregators redirect you to another site for booking.
  • Choice – Aggregators such as ourselves offer a broader view of all the options out there, potentially allowing the user to find a better deal that when booking with a booking engine.
  • UX (User Experience) and Purpose – Aggregators are the best for comparison and research, while booking engines are better for managing bookings further down the line.

Choosing between using a flight aggregator or a booking engine depends on your priorities, such as whether you're looking for the best deal across all airlines or prefer to book directly with a specific airline.

But, if you are looking for cheap flights, you should always use a flight aggregator (metasearch engine)!

So, now that we have cleared up the difference between flight booking engines and flight aggregators, we can clearly see that while Momondo remains a reliable and valuable tool for finding cheap flights, for any traveller looking to save a money, it pays to have options.

And each of the flight aggregators we’ve listed above, when used correctly, should enable the end user to find themselves a cheap flight and ensure that they are getting the best deal possible!

From everyone here at Moonsand, as ever, happy travels!

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Moonsand compares hundreds of flight and hotel booking platforms and displays all your search results in one place.
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