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Top 12 Meditation and Yoga Retreats in the World


Women performing yoga outdoors next to a pool
What is in this blog? Table of contents:

If you think of a meditation or yoga retreat, your mind immediately takes you to somewhere subtropical, with palms, rainforests, and a refreshing coconut drink… And we’re here to tell you, that from beachside escapes to mountain top yoga, that is exactly what you get in any of the top 12 meditation and yoga retreats in the world.

So, sit back and strap in for the ride, as we take you on a multi-continental tour of the very best yoga retreats worldwide.

people performing yoga poses in a scenic yoga resort

What is a meditation and yoga retreat?

The essence of a meditation and yoga retreat is a group setting, in which yoga, meditation, mindfulness and wellness are practiced. The main concept is to disconnect from the world, while simultaneously reconnecting with nature, one another, and innermost parts of ourselves.

Let’s be honest, you knew all that already. And if we’re being honest, a yoga and meditation retreat can be so much more than that, it can be what you make it.

With the plethora of options available, you are free to choose your destination, your type of yoga or meditation, the size of your group and so much more.

A truly great yoga and meditation retreat is so much more than a retreat, and they are so often life changing experiences.

What are the benefits of a meditation/yoga retreat?

Sun, sea, and sand are the classics that people look too when planning their next holiday. There is a general consensus that the sun on your face, sand between your toes and the sound of the sea combined are one of the most potent, relaxation combinations.

Anyone who partakes in wellness in any form can tell you, a good meditation or yoga session can be just as, if not more effective. So, what if we told you that the combination of the great outdoors (and we’re talking some of the most stunning places around the world) and yoga or meditation, can bring whole new levels of peacefulness into your life.

After a successful retreat, yoga and meditation should help foster calmness and mental clarity, enable a heightened sense of concentration, and increase your body awareness. And the more you practice yoga, the greater these feelings will become.

So, what is stopping you?

What should you pack for a yoga retreat?

Now, this will largely depend where you are headed on your yoga retreat. But, for arguments sake, let’s say that you’re headed somewhere warm, sunny and subtropical. Speaking from experience, the list below is what we would recommend, but feel free to add a few items of your own to your yoga retreat travel bag.

  1. Comfortable clothes – the key to a truly relaxing experience, remember to check the weather before you leave, raincoats might be advisable.
  2. Sun cream – nothing worse than sunburn to ruin your yoga retreat.
  3. Mosquito repellent – some of the best meditation retreats in the world are also frequented by those pesky critters.
  4. A travel adapter – we never leave the country without one of these.
  5. Swimwear – is there a better way to start the day than with a dip in the pool/sea?
  6. Toiletries – good personal hygiene is always important!
  7. Personal effects – a good book, your camera, diary, this is where you make your list personal.
  8. Yoga accessories – most places will provide the basics, i.e., a yoga mat, but if you often use a strap or block it might be worth bringing your own or check ahead of time to see what they have available.

How much does yoga retreat cost?

You can find a relaxing, yoga and meditation retreat's at almost any price point, anywhere in the world. But your chosen destination can have a large impact on the total price of your retreat. Something else to consider is your travel plans. These yoga retreat destinations are worldwide and some will require you to book flights or other travel arrangements, and this may not be included in the cost of the retreat.

When booking your relaxing yoga retreat getaway it is important to consider the time of year with consideration to the price of the trip. Some wellness retreats are seasonal meaning retreat, accommodation and flight prices will fluctuate throughout the year.

North America tends to top the charts for an average cost of a yoga retreat, while destinations such as Thailand, India and Indonesia often have some great budget options. But these countries also have some of the more expensive options as well, with lots of 5* luxuries also included in the total price.

Most yoga retreats and wellness resorts do offer accommodation for the length of your stay. However, some retreats do not and you will need to consider booking local hotel or hostel accommodation.

The final price will of course be impacted by the duration of the retreat, but in general, you can expect to pay anywhere from £120, all the way up to somewhere close to the £4000 mark!

In this guide, we are aiming to give you a little bit of everything, to allow you to choose the yoga retreat that is right for you, and your price point!

The top 12 meditation and yoga retreats

young woman meditating in rural wellness retreat

The best yoga retreat for beginners: The Cotswolds Yoga Festival

Sometimes, as a beginner, the term retreat can seem a little daunting and intense. So why not start off with a yoga festival?!

The Soul Circus yoga festival in the lush Cotswolds backdrop allows you to test the water with a variety of different yoga practices, in a relaxed, fun loving environment. A great way to learn the difference between hatha and mandala yoga or kundalini and vinyasa.

Details – Weekend tickets from £99pp, pack your own tent, Wi-Fi not included, August annually.

The most affordable yoga retreat: The Online Experience

If you are looking to explore yoga in its most authentic form, without the hassle (and expense) of travelling to some far-flung corner of the earth, This 5 Day, 15-Hour Online Anatomy of Yoga Teacher Training Series with Rishikesh Yogkulam could be for you.

Starting at just £17, this course contains 47 lessons on yoga anatomy, once you sign up for the course, you will be given access to these lessons immediately. And upon completion, you will have access to those lessons for a further 30 days.

The best UK yoga and meditation retreat: Gaia House, Devon

Now, we might be slightly biased having have countless happy experiences in Devon growing up, but for us, one of the standout UK yoga and meditation retreats is Gaia House Buddhist Meditation Retreat Centre.

Expert tutors here offer affordable single meditation days, weekend retreats and week-long stays, specialising in Vipassana, or Insight Meditation Retreats. There are various different events and weekend breaks in the calendar throughout the year, and prices generally range from £207 to £270pp for a 3-night stay. Vegetarian food and Wi-Fi are included throughout the stay.

The best yoga and meditation retreat in India: The 30 day program

If you are really looking to unwind and relax, then a 30 day yoga retreat in Mandrem, Goa, could be exactly what you need. With all meals included, the option of an airport transfer and instruction in English, there is little else that you could ask for.

Set amid beautiful flora, Preksha Yoga Ashram, Goa is intended to be a profoundly cherishing plot where you can learn and explore meditation, classical Hatha yoga, mantra chanting, and a lot more, all for just under £700 for the full 30 days!

The best yoga and meditation retreat in Thailand: Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort

Having spent some time living in Phuket, we are well aware what an electric island it really is, but nestled in one of the quieter corners, Rawai, lies the Mangosteen Ayurveda & Wellness Resort. As Wellness Retreats go, you really cannot get much better!

With both Hatha and Vinyasa yoga styles practiced here, this wellness retreat includes: 2 daily yoga sessions, soul healing meditation practices, booster wheat grass shots with Triphala, Shuttle service to the beach and local markets during free time, daily spa massages and body treatments (60 min per day per person), access to herbal steam bath and Himalayan rock salt infrared sauna, and 5 nights’ accommodation in luxurious Mangosteen Villa.

Food and Wi-Fi are included, prices start at £725 for 5 nights/6 days, although airport transfers are not included.

The best yoga spa retreat in North America: Windham Yoga Retreats, New York

Located in the Catskills Mountains, New York, you will find Hilltop Escape by Windham Yoga Retreats, where yoga, nature and serenity walk hand in hand. On this 3 day secluded retreat you meet like-minded, adventurous people, and embark on a journey of self-discovery whilst reducing the effects of anxiety and stress.

With Hatha, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative yoga all on offer, as well as a 2 nights accommodation in a secluded mountain side chalet, what else could you want from an upstate New York Yoga retreat? Oh, maybe the fact this wellness retreat is dog friendly! Prices start from £465pp.

The best yoga mediation retreat in South America: Uxua Casa Hotel and Spa, Brazil

Uxua Casa Resort and Residences is located in the Bahia historic Bahia state in Brazil, and is a sustainable 5-star destination. With a unique crystal healing pool, green Aventurine quartz, and diverse activities like yoga, capoeira, and MMA, it offers bespoke experiences and accommodations to suit all travellers. Explore this rustic beach haven and its innovative organic spa.

Prices here start form £540pp, per night.

The best yoga spa in Dubai: Shimis Yoga Center (The Instagrammable Yoga Studio)

If you are looking to transform your life with some of the best yoga classes in Dubai, Shimis is the place to be. Offering students a diverse range of yoga classes to keep them fit and rejuvenate their souls, they pride themselves of catering to their students preferences.

Shimis pricing work on a per class basis, with prices starting from just AED60 (£13-£15). Also offering membership plans which include discounts of up to 20% on the original price. Shimis Yoga Center is very flexible on the pricing of their services as you can also purchase individual kids yoga classes, special yoga events, teacher training sessions and on the go yoga sessions.

The best cold weather yoga spa: Forestis, Italy

Located in the stunning Dolomite mountains of Italy, this summit level sanctuary really does take wellness retreats to a whole new level. Surrounded by nature, there are truly few better settings to indulge in some cold weather wellness.

Prices start from just over €500 pp per night, so this is a wellness retreat on the higher end of the price point. But not only are there yoga and spa experiences on offer, but there is also stunning, mountain style food, along with Water, Air, Sun & Climate experiences to indulge yourself in. You can travel there in a number of ways, from car, to helicopter, but FORESTIS also offer a transfer for your convenance, at an extra charge.

The best one-day yoga retreat: Gren Farm, Kent

A whole weekend retreat isn’t always possible, for a number of reasons. So why not try a bespoke day retreat at Gren Farm, Kent. With a range of Spa and Yoga days, as well as Wellness Workshops, you are sure to leave stress free and refreshed.

With lunch included, as well as the option of various additional spa treatments, all this can be yours for just £160, with the retreats running on a monthly schedule.

The best soma meditation retreat: Soma Meditation, Portugal

Blending Vedic meditation teachings with profound sacred plant medicine ceremonies, a week’s retreat in Portugal, hosted by Soma Meditation is guaranteed to foster a journey of healing and self-discovery.subsconcious healing through plant

Surrounded by blue sea and unruly beaches, you’ll find yourself in the middle of one of the best kept secrets in the “Parque Natural do Sudoeste, Alentejano”. With Vedic rounding (yoga, breath + meditation), gentle daily yoga and sacred plant medicine ceremonies, this meditation retreat designed to guide you through a lasting and full transformation.

Prices start from around £2000 (2300 EUR) for a 7-day retreat, with Wi-Fi included. Note that flights, transfers, treatments and insurance are not included. Also on offer and included in the cost is home cooked Ayurvedic food cooked by Caroline Massote.

The best yoga weekend break: Adventure Yogi, Peak District (Northern Derbyshire)

If a UK weekend away sounds good to you, then why not try a transformative yoga retreat in England’s first national park. Located near Grindelford, right in the heart of the Peak District National Park. With its expansive trails meandering through rolling hills and deep valleys, it’s a true haven for walkers and hiking enthusiasts. Offering hiking yoga and picturesque views of the Peak District, this is perfect for those who love the outdoors.

You’ll have to make your own way there, but whether by train or car, it is easily accessible. During the retreat you can tailor your experiences to suit your preferences. Prices start from £595 for the weekend.

Meditation and yoga retreat FAQs

Are yoga retreats suitable for families?

While not every yoga and meditation retreat is a family affair, there are plenty of options, from the Far East to closer to home, that will accommodate your whole family. So, if you are looking for a fantastic family yoga weekend or opting to make lasting memories with your loved ones, a yoga retreat is a great way to go.

Are yoga retreats dog friendly?

- If downwards facing dog is your thing (excuse the pun), then you’re in luck. There are countless dog (and probably cat) friendly yoga weekends and meditation retreats around the world that will accommodate your furry friends. Who knows, you might even find yourself adopting a Soi Dog from Thailand!

Are there any one-day yoga retreats?

- If you are looking for something a little shorter than yoga weekend, why not consider a single day experience. There are plenty of one day yoga retreats for those who find themselves a little short on time, but still want to benefit from the relaxing experience a successful yoga retreat offers.

How do I choose the best yoga retreat?

- For a start, focus on your own personal wellbeing, this means that you choose the best yoga retreat for you, not anyone else. Try to find an option that feels like it was specifically designed for you, from the style of yoga to the food on offer, to the other activities on offer.

Is a yoga retreat good for your mental wellness?

- In short, yes. A yoga or self-care and mindfulness retreat is one of the best things that you can do for your mental wellness. Taking the time to disconnect with the wider world and focusing on your innermost self if not only physically and mentally enriching, but also incredibly good for your mental health.

So where is THE best yoga and wellness retreat?

As you might have worked out, we’re not advocating any particular yoga weekend break, spa, or wellness retreat as the best. We wouldn’t dream of it!

Instead, we’re encouraging you to make your own decision, and tailor your wellness retreat experience to your wants and needs. But, if any of our recommendations help to make your choice that little bit easier, then we’re glad to help.

However, if you need any assistance with travel to any of these destination, or anywhere else for that matter, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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